I Couldn’t Even Tell It Wasn’t You

Dear Tappers: if you’ve arrived on this website and thought to yourself “What is this shit? It’s just pictures of cats!”, and are ready to hit the back button on your browser, please be so kind as to take a gander at a few of our video clips. These are a few that I suppose may be the better of the bunch: #33, #38, and the Beez DVD Trailer. I suppose I would be stupid to not mention the two that I made in the last couple of weeks: #44 and #45. Otherwise, yeah, the site is mostly cat pictures, nonsense, and the occasional skateboarding photo. Enjoy your short time here and have a kick ass summer.

Speaking of a kick ass summer, I am presently experiencing such a thing. You may or may not have noticed the lack of picture postings lately, and let’s just use that as my excuse why. To (not) make up for it, here’s a random summery mix:

Severely lacking in the skate photo department, I know. I don’t usually like to post several photos of different tricks taken at the same spot from the same angle, so they just end up sitting on my computer. Here’s a few kinda recent ones that almost got left behind:

Danny Stemper – Frontside Ollie

Tj Bohach – Noseblunt Slide

Tj Bohach – Backside Lipslide

I’m off to San Diego tomorrow for ten days with the Robust Carn to visit Rusty, Troy, Blue Dog, Heather, and The Southern Gentleman. I’m not sure what experiences the trip may hold, but they’re sure to be as wonky as wonky can be. Not to mention as zorched on Sparks and CL’s as a guy can get too. Is this supposed to be an official Beez 4 filming trip? Allah only knows. I should mention that it seems like the moblog is 100% working for the moment, so I’ll try to send in a few trip related and possibly nude photos from on the road.

Sadly I’m going to miss the return of the Plat to Milwaukee this weekend, but at least I haven’t missed their return to the internet. Or something.

Stay horny.