“I Got A Small Wang, And I’m Bummed On It.” – J.M.

Josh will not get off my back about putting up more of the pictures I took on our trip to San Diego, so I am obliging with a few gems that might entertain you, as well as Josh.

The first night we stayed at John’s house, he brought out a huge inflatable mattress. I had the honors of trying out first, but the next morning Josh complained that it sounded like I was riding a Bantha all night because of the sounds it made when I moved around. Stemper slept on it the second through final night of the trip, and on a few occasions, Blue dog jumped up and gave Danny a little cuddle loving.

I found a shitty electric scooter at one of the many good spots we skated. Josh models it on the left. John Rattray also did a 5-0 at the same spot on this crappy hubba with no run up. Dude is amazing, but you already knew that.

I took the scooter and ruined everyone’s fun by putting it in the middle of this gap we were skating. Stemper didn’t give a shit and ollied right through it. This is a make. Kenny Reed, eat your heart out.

Later nerds.