I know, it should’ve been in your inbox on Saturday

I had this nice long update written, and then Firefox crashed leaving me with nothing but a caffine buzz and serious lack of motivation to re-write, so I tried to email some people, that wasn’t working, and here I am back in update-land. I really don’t secretly look at myspace. I’ll admit that I did do it for a VERY brief period of time, until I realized that I should probably open an account..which confused me more than my introspection on why I’ve been listening to Racetraitor as of late, leading me to swear off looking and start doing something rad.

Yes, rad, I said it. So speaking of cryptology, has anyone seen that movie about penguins? It might be neat, even if they can’t fly. Do you think they know that they will never be able to get off the ground? Or is it more likely that they harbor some deeply imbedded hope that they will be able to slide off the glacier and into the air, without fear of eating shit.

So I have two days until my final power point is due for the semester, and on Wednesday night we have our departmental x-mas party. I wonder if it will be as wonderful as the “get to know each other” picnic. That was a real hoot. I think it’s sort of the nature of these things that you get stuck talking to some fucking weirdo, and they always have way more to say than you, so you just kind of stand there awkwardly with your hands in your pockets praying that your date will come and save you/the beer will kick in soon.