nyc xmas parties : number two, vice magazine

as predicted, i did not make it to the vice mag xmas party due to a detour to max fish. sources from inside said xmas party said it was, and i quote via text message, “gay”. speaking of, a girl from san francisco was sitting with us at the fish discussing her “pro skateboarder” roomate and filled me in on a certain pro playing for both teams. SF is the capital for not only skateboarding ya know.

don pendleton has a new line of tee shirts available for you at the umbrella market

tonite: my good friend jills xmas party at her store, i heart. this party i will attend and give full details on how much beer i did not consume. thrilling right.

i bought my 5 year old nephew a skateboard for xmas. im such a good uncle.

sorry josh, my celebrity party sightings have been nulll and void, unless you count the guitar player in interpol, which i dont.