I Live in a Frat House.

A lot of pros that came up in the early nineties kind of surfed off their names for a long time and then fell off the face of the planet. A few of them even had boards with their names on them up until pretty recently, even though they probably haven’t skated in a long time. For some reason, I thought Chico Brenes was one of those guys. I was a big fan of him from the time I saw him skate in the first FTC video until his part in Las Nueve Vidas De Paco. He has such a good style and a great trick selection. I don’t know what happened after that but he never had that much footage and/or coverage and I sort of forgot about him until I saw Skate More. His part was good and he still had the signature buttery Chico style, so my faith in him was restored. But today, I saw his part from a recent 411 (yeah I know; 411?) and he straight up killed it. He makes street skating look really good and really fun. So I guess this is just a tribute sort of update to you, Chico. You deserve a raise.