I Love the Spirit World and I Love Your Father

It should go without saying, but I hope you all are getting out and enjoying these last few weeks of bearable weather. I consider these next couple weeks the final stretch before winter hibernation. Then again maybe I’m a pussy and just hate being cold.

Here’s one from the 80s skate jam a few weeks ago. Airwalk in the front, kids fighting over BALLZ OUT shirts and various product in the back. Doesn’t get much better than this.

Dustin Ciborosky Ollie at a EMBesque spot somewhere south of the border.

TJ Ollies over a chocolate colored railing.

TJ Backside tailslide.

And here’s an old one I just found again today. Reunited and it feels so good. Kyle Herman – FS 180

Once while skateboarding at southeastern Wisconsin’s most elusive ultramarine colored rail an excited Joebon called me over mid pee to show me this:

I was unsure how to react to the scene but he assured me it was just shadow wizardry.

Try it out and impress girls, friends, or friend’s girlfriends.