I Love Your Beautiful Body, I Love Your Beautiful Words

Intervention is on, I have to help Bill with some video stuff, and I have to try to somehow organize some records to play tonight. Another “Let’s make this quick!”.

Last weekend:

Tj Bohach noseblunts a rock, just like they would have in 1992. Sean Sheffy feels great, where ever he may be.

This made me feel good.

This made me feel better.

Somehow we just keep going back to this spot, and let’s just say it has not been aging well. It’s still surprisingly fun though. Matt Nordness – Backside Lipslide the scrubba.

Pizzy brought over that Last of the Mohicans video the other day. I’m definitely backing it. A lot of the gnarliest looking East Coast spots I’ve seen to date. A lot gnarlier than another of our faux East Coast alleys. Matt Nordness – Frontside 5-0.

Pizzy has been hyping up this spot forever. It has just recently become skateable, and just like Chuck D told me one time, hype, don’t believe it. Actually, it’s not too bad, I just wanted to talk about Chuck D. Matt Nordness – Backside Tailslide.

Pat Forster – Bluntslide backside 180.

BMXers, smart they aint. Matt Nordness – Frontside Lipslide

Pat Forster – Hurricane Grind.

Watch the new mini video. I shall now be Intervened.