“I Need Some Munzy Time”

If you don’t know who Todd Bratrud is, you might as well give yourself a Clorox enema. If you want to find out who he is before you die a slow painful death, read his top 3’s then visit these sites;

Teenage Runaway,
The Skateboard Mag,
Lords Of Apathy
and Familia skateshop.

If you already know who Todd is, put the bleach back under the sink and read on.

Top 3:

Board graphics:

1. Jordan Richter “Safety Gear”

2. Todd Congielliere “Icey Bear”

3. Anti Hero “Lovers Only”

Skate videos:

1. G&S “Footage”

2. A1 Meats “Dancing in the Dirt”

3. World Industries “Rubbish Heap”

Reasons to leave consolidated:

1. Friends

2. Friends

3. Friends

Items of technology:

1. Point -n- Shoot Digital Camera

2. Super NES

3. Nintendo Game Boy

Places to take a shit:

1. A lake

2. The Ocean

3. “Celebrity Scat Munchers” the virtual game


1. Luan De Oliveira

2. Theotis Beasley

3. Zeddie

Ways to spend your money:

1. Rent

2. Insurance

3. Taxes


1. “I’m not even gonna smoke weed, I’ll probably just drink milk and eat vitimans” -B. Heck

2. “I wipe my ASS with skateboarding” -D. Green

3. “I am emo though… but its like if mitch from baywatch was emo.” -R. W. Hanson

Alcoholic beverages:

1. Go

2. Fuck

3. Yourself

People to have at a session:

1. Israel Forbes

2. Seth McCallum

3. Geoff Rowley

80’s movies:

1. Top Secret

2. Slapshot

3. C.H.U.D.

Means of transportation:

1. Bike

2. Steez Port

3. Hover jetski of the future (I have one)

Worst trends:

1. Skateboarding

2. Making money

3. Being social

Places to visit:

1. Tokyo

2. Big Basin

3. Minnesota? i gotta say that right?

Places NOT to visit:

1. The OC

2. Denver (at least the parts of it i know)

3. The future

Celebrities to hate on:

1. Bizzaro Superman

2. Dane Cook

3. Carlos Mencia


1. San Ramon

2. Derby

3. Montery

Reasons to quit everything and live as a vagabond:

1. Rent

2. Insurance

3. Taxes

Songs on your Ipod:

1. Suicide Commando by No More

2. Fabulous Muscles by Xiu Xiu

3. The Last Day On Earth by Marilyn Manson

Companies to do artwork for:

1. Brimley

2. Enjoi

3. Flip

Unknown artists:

1. Steve Nesser

2. Aaron Nye

3. Marilyn Manson? you seen his water colors?

Stereotypes regarding skateboarders/skateboarding:

1. Don’t we all smoke mad weed? I saw that on the TV once.

Later nerds.