I See Pee!

Man, the message board is on fire these days! Unfortunately, the fire was set by a pyromaniac/trenchcoat mafia type 12 year old. It doesn’t take much to get Josh stirred up about music, but this really made his blood boil! A few rounds of DDR calmed him down a bit and he has moved on to happier times. For those of you not familiar with ICP, I suggest you keep it that way. It’s incredibly bad. Here, just look at these goons!

You can imagine what kind of crap spews from the mouths of these two morons. The funniest thing is the kids that worship these turds. There are actually families that share a love for this fodder. Look at this!

Anyway, you see my point. The best part is that those two overweight chumps are laughing all the way to the bank. Juaggalos are nothing but dollar signs to these douche bags. Oh well, I guess these kids need something to live for in this world. Worship the clowns, tards.

I am going skating now. If anyone wants to join me, give me a call.