I Took One In The Morning…

The first new mini video of 2007! New footage, that is. Although, I think Mini Video 35 or 36 maybe had a clip or two from January 1, but that’s beside the point. The point is, I’m back on the filming horse and have something that is all brand new for you. Behold, Mini Video 37 – Irresistible. The pictures above and below, of course, relate to the video clip. Take a gander.

Chris Twomey writes: “The more gary the better, you should put up a section of the website just for him. G4L Gary for life. Just jokeing i really dont care about your cat.”

Well I never! I was all jazzed up on someone having great love for Tim’s cat, whom I actually usually hate because he always rapes my cat. (Gary rapes, not Tim.) But then he pulls the ‘ol switcharoo at the end and takes it all back. Harsh. We all know by now what the punishment is for making vaguely negative comments about Gary is, pictures of Gary!

I hope you learned your lesson.

Huey Crowley writes: “My dog, Chili (it lives in Green Bay) broke it’s ankle. My dumb dad threw the ball into the street and it got run over and it’s ankle snapped. The not so funny thing is, is that it’s a weiner dog, and my dad’s ankle is broken too. I guess that’s sort of funny. I’ll send photos if I can make it up to Green Bay. Just thought you’d like to know. So many damned dogs with injuries these days.”

You’re right, it’s been a rash of dog injuries. The plus is dogs seem to bounce back like it’s nothing to them. Molly is doing great, her cousin Amelia is also regaining nipping powers as if nothing happened in the first place. They’re tough beasts. Very tough.