I haven’t been posting on here on a regular basis for a couple of months at least at this point. I’m not sure why. I think it has to do with the fact that I now have DVR and I spend countless hours watching Pros Vs. Joes, Entourage, October Road , and my new favorite The Black Donnellys. It’s sad, but it’s true. Then again, the hi-def plasma needs as much attention as Gary. And I submit to its dominance EVERY time.

On other occasions I say “Screw dominace! I kick ass!”. Or at least I think that, and then I cower in the corner. On this particular day, I did think that, but I didn’t say it, just like always. This gap has been ollied on a few occasions by a few different people. To my knowledge it has NOT been landed yet. But it’s been real close. Dan started out with an acid drop to his ass and put his board in the middle of the street on his first try and then started trying to land on his feet. I don’t know how he got up after the first one. My own butt was on fire just thinking about how bad my pilonital cyst would have hurt and pussed up after that tail bone banging attempt… but Dan is a man amongst boys and crawled his ass up the stairs and wheeled himself back down the run way. Meanwhile a cop pulled up on the corner right in front of this spot. The three of us there all said fuck in harmony and just kinda stood around looking like duche bags. I don’t know why people do that. But everytime you’re about to get busted people just kinda stand around and look like they aren’t doing anything. But when you have a dude with a camera and some goofy looking flashes out, and a kid with a huge video camera and a giant death lens on the end, its’ pretty obvious that they’re either up to no good. In this case, as we stood there, the cop eyed up the situation and then drove his squad across the street to the gas station. He parked his car closest to me. Then got out and went inside. We all looked at eachother, kinda shruged and Dan took off again. Two tries later while the cop was still inside, he landed, focused his tail and skidded to a halt still on top of his board. Ugh… I walked my fat ass across the street to see what the plan was now just as the cop was getting back into his car. He drove over slowly and told us to skeedaddle. That was when I though to myself… “I kick ass!” and wanted to tell HIM to skeedaddle. But I held back, and knowing that we were going to have to go set up a new deck, let it go.

Ah… the adventures of skateboarding. We’re such REBELS!

Dan Nepscha – Ollie