I was combing my hair!!

So as you’ve probably read in Tim’s post, we actually made it out to Madison for the opening. Was my stuff even good enough to be in there?? Maybe? Maybe not? Either way, it was a good time. We got to eat at the Pine Cone where Tim ate a slice of onion like it was candy, be regaled by stories of makeshift tampons, hear Jon coin the term “Eastern Bloc Head”, and be totally socially retarded. An overwhelming success, if you ask me!

A person actually wrote in to say they were happy about the newfound interest in updating the site. They must really like pointless stories about old arcade games and pictures of dogs. So Josh Ballew, just for you, here’s a fantastic picture of my dog:

He also sent a link to some kid named Mike Mo Capaldi’s upcoming video part from some video I’ve never heard of. That’s probably because I’m too busy chasing the world record score in Galaga (gotta make mom proud somehow) to pay attention to skateboarding these days. Either way, the part is pretty intense. Here.

No mention of the Triumvirate the last few days on Tha Plat. You guys still down or what? We gotta hype this shit up! Same with you Dudes, hype it up!

Send us more emails to get us stoked! Coming up with all these dog pictures isn’t so easy.