Eastern Bloc Head

Ah yes….knowing when to say when. If anyone has any tips for this type of action, please let me know. The show was great. Tim and Josh stole the show (fact) and this guy beat the shit out of another guy with a coffee mug. Really! Pieces of it were flying at me…it made me somewhat excited as it added an unexpected aesthetic component to the event. Overall, it ruled. Oh, did I mention Roach and Jon were there? Awsome….

So there’s this place Cream City…wait I think I started like that in another post..I went there today to work and man..what’s left to say? I guess I could say that little Roger grows every time I see him! Skating seems to be fun again for the time being, and I can’t wait to pogo myself silly in the freestyle area of the park. Huh?

That’s it for now, weekend posts tend to be shorter due to various activities. I love you all! (All three of you).