I Was Playing Congo Bongo At Supermans House

This is the time of the year we question our sanity of living here. I would like to share with you some photos that remind me of warmer days.

Here’s a buns shot of mister buns himself T.J Bohach.

Is Matt Nordness secretly preparing himself for colder days by wearing winter apparel during a late summer five-o?

This is the 08′ beez varsity team photo.

Danny Stemper doing a kickflip wallride in a shirt that best describes his alter-ego Troy. Ballz out.

Thanks to everyone who showed up to the party a couple weeks ago. It was a fun time and Tim still has shirts for sale if you want one. They might have them at cream city. While you’re there check out the new boards and skate the best park in milwaukee.

Congratulations to the Chrome Ball Incident for reaching its 200th post. Check it out if you want to see all the classic ads and photos from days gone by. Very necessary viewing.

Masterblaster might be returning very soon, JMcguire.