I Would Die 4 U

Yeah, I’ve already been back from Florida for awhile. It’s kind of tough to update a site that’s supposed to be about skateboarding, when I haven’t stepped on a skateboard since I was in Atlanta.

When I was in Florida, I finally met another member of the Triumvirate. It was a rainy night in Ybor City, and Mike Roebke called me on the phone promising an encounter. I wasn’t sure how to feel. Elated, nervous, horny, it was all so confusing. Mike came strolling up with none other than Mike Muzenrider from Platinum. It was amazing, our eyes locked and we embraced immediately. The world will never be the same again. We formed like Voltron and flew off into the night, never to be seen again.

Another high point of the Tampa trip was the fact that I ended up spending very little time at the Contest. Some might say that if you like skateboarding you should like watching one of the biggest contests around. This is not true. I can’t think of an easier way to learn to hate skateboarding. How many hundreds of kids can you watch doing backside lipslides down rails in a row? I did watch the finals and the best trick contest which I guess were mildly entertaining, but even then, it was everyone doing backside lipslides down rails. It was rad to see Keegan Sauder skate though. He skated the course unlike anyone else, too bad he couldn’t stay on his board.

Maybe I’ll put a new video clip on the site someday.