Looks Like Thin Lizzy Lipsliding a Rail.

Bored? Yep, me too. Now that my employer has decided to drastically reduce my hours, I have alot more time on my hands to sit around and do absolutely nothing.
Thanks to friends like John McGuire, I have been blessed with some quality cyberspace entertainment. Take this for example. A Cudahay native that makes some insane art, music and short movies. I would love to get ahold of a painting for my collection. Stephen, if you read this, email me and let me know what you want for one of those pieces. Thanks.

I also have been visiting Channel101.com. Run by Wisconsin native turned L.A. short movie mogul, Dan Harmon (who makes Laser Fart), this site keeps me warm and happy on even the darkest, coldest Wisconsin winter nights.

Have any of you been checking Skateboard Rumors? Industry insider info and a message board to boot! Go. Now.

Spring is almost here! Get ready to abandon your jester hats for your favorite mesh trucker cap!

Here is a picture of Jamie Lee Hogg (aka Johnathan Frakes) for you to ponder.