If puking blood is black metal, Mrs. Lord Cru’s name is Varg

Posting for the love of…

Hatebreed…it’s all so fun when it comes down to it. I had a shocking event happen today…my car stereo decided to allow the radio function to work even though there is a tape stuck diagonally in the deck! Amazing! Looks like I’m listening to NPR until the old shitter is finally cancelled. So I presented my power point today and guess what? It didn’t go as bad as I though it would. I described it to one of my classmates/comrades as “incoherent nonsense” but it turned out okay in the end.

I wonder how that elle party was the other night? I know I can top what Steve did…I sat at home trying to pull together the last three months of reading I’ve done into some sort of order, but that didn’t happen so I went and got coffee, and geeked out in a completely unproductive manner; trying to extrapolate banksy quotes to put in my presentation. No, I wouldn’t have rather been rubbing shoulders with the former Eastern Bloc’s lovely daughters.

Favorite band? I couldn’t say…I can say that I’ve been spending a significant amount of time listening to ____ ______…and Soulfly of course.