Spandau Ballet Summer Vacation

So this is what you’ve all been waiting for! Photos from Cream City!

Isn’t that setup just fantastic??? You’ll need to settle down just for a bit, still a little while until it’s done. Look for another installment of photos very soon.

Now it’s time to go outside, into the woods, and take photos. Oh, did I mention that it’s hilariously cold outside and we’re in the middle of a snow storm? Art! Isn’t it romantic to be a tortured artist though? I’ll have to ask Lord Cru to conduct some man on the street interviews, he’s not busy enough lately. And maybe Steve could step downstairs into coyote ugly and take a Gallop poll. That is, if the fine young ladies could take a break from showing off their lower back tats while dancing on the bar…

Hey web nerds…how would it make you feel if I said that I still use tables for layout purposes and that I fucking hate CSS?? Uhh! Easy on the nerd city Josh. Roll the D20!