“I’m Gayer Than You Are” – R. Wilson

Hey jerks.

This update is dedicated to the fuckface that stole one of my drawings off the wall at Weiner Party 2. If you read this, don’t think you phased me at all. It was still a great night and I hope that it made yours a good one too. Otherwise, it was all for nothing.

To begin, let me start off by saying that Josh and I have the best friends in the world. Seriously. It was 2 degrees outside and breathing actually hurt. But they still came out. In droves actually. It was amazing. Some even took the bus and walked for a while to get there (thanks Mike and Ben). Insane. I love all you guys. Thanks for coming out.

I will now post some pictures from the night and narrate accordingly.

It just so happened that our good friend and New York art connection, Steve Green was in town for the weekend to see his family and was also able to come out and get wild with us for the night. Here he is pictured with PDS and Wendy lurking in the background. Choo-choo!

Josh is such a great host. While I was wandering around looking for the guy or girl that stole one of my pieces, he was talking about life issues with the local crackhead. They look great together, don’t you think?

Once again, it’s Josh mingling with some skateboard superstar named Greg. That’s right kids, we even attract pro skateboarders to our parties! Thanks for coming Greg.

I was told by the owner of the establishment that it was the busiest Friday they have had in a while. I was happy, as was everyone in this picture. Check Stemper. Dude was hyped all night.

After we closed the bar, we all jumped in Josh’s car and headed to our house. Somehow between the bar and the car, this dude joined our group and invited himself over. I thought one of the people we were with knew him and the people we were with thought we knew him. It ended up that none of us knew him. In the fifteen minutes he was in our house he managed to lock himself in the closet with the litter boxes (twice), make himself a bagel and pass out our living room floor. This is a picture of Josh and Mark trying to get him off the floor so we could get him home. Unfortunately, he didn’t remember his address and it just so happened that Josh was lucky enough to pull over right in front of his house and he got out and all was good again.

Overall, the night was a success and I am hyped to do it all over again next year.

Bonus photos!

I had to throw this one in here. It’s just so adorable.

Fuckin’ Gary with a special appearance from Elliot.

Later nerds.