Impending pizza party.

Continuing with the theme of displaying items we wish we could offer to our birthday boy…

I would start by handing him a package containing [link=]this[/link]

Upon viewing the contents of the package he would immediately be cognizant of the fact that the ensemble would only be complete when worn underneath one of [link=]these[/link]

Once he had equipped his new apparel, his HP (hit points) and MP (magic points) would increase by at least 30+ each. Whenever he receives such a boost it always motivates him to partake in his favorite pasttime: [link=]creating hip hop tinged religious murals[/link]

After this brief, but uncontrollable interlude he will have forgotten entirely of the possibility of more presents, providing us with the perfect opportunity to tell him to look behind his pile of Zubaz, where he will find his [link=]final present[/link]

The look of joy on his face will instantly cause us to sprint to the Wiskate Play Lab Facility, the place where we really let go and indulge in escapism. The evening will conclude with each of us donning our respective costumes and frolicking in our favorite setting, illustrated [link=]here[/link]

Alas, I currently lack the means with which to provide him the ideal birthday I have described. Though this does not matter in the end, as what is truly important is that despite the fact that Josh is well on his way to becoming just another crabby, lazy, old dude, this will never prevent us from doing our very best to tolerate him!