It’s a Moral Imperative.

Well, today is a very important day here at Wiskate. Your overlord, Josh Ellis, is celebrating his 25th year on earth. In accordance with all triumvirate bi-laws, I have compiled a list of all the gifts best suited for this occasion…….

This one is pretty self explanitory.
This gift may not make much sense to most of you.
I really want him to have this, but I can’t really afford it.
I actually want this one, but would be just as happy to see Josh own it.

Well, there you have it. 5 fun ways to make Josh happy on his birthday. Get those PayPal accounts warmed up kiddies!

Oh, and happy birthday, Josh!

In other birthday news, Madison resident ripper Andrew Norris is celebrating his 18th today. You know what that means, he can buy a gun and join the military! Good luck in Iraq, Andy.
If any of you are feeling generous, you can buy him one of these (in xxxl, of course).