In the snow

So a couple of weeks ago right before it started dumping snow again, I had the opportunity to go shoot a photo with Sean Hanley in an undisclosed East Side Milwaukee local. To say the least this was a sketchy spot. Little bank ramp set up against a big grey wall. I believe that it was put there by BMX kids who no doubt envy Josh’s awesome Dyno ride. Either way, I climbed my fat ass up on the roof of the garage next door and sat there for the better part of an hour while Mr. Hanley proceeded to step off the bigger roof next door time and time again. The coolest part was the the owner of the business of the building next door came out and basically called Sean a pussy for not doing it right away. Then told us that we had a box spring he could land on for more “comfort”. Either way, he ended up landing this little beauty and rolling away clean as a whistle. Congrats Sean, you’re super.