Internet Said So!

Before I get into this update, I need to take a minute and say that I am sorry to Munz over at Platinum Seagulls for the recent accusations about how he treats his website. It became apparent to me that what I was saying wasn’t only hurting Mike, but it was also doing damage to the Triumvirate and also bringing other people into a meaningless squabble over updating, grammar and spelling. For the record, I love all you guys. Lets have a big triumvirate group hug and be done with all this nonsense.

Now, on to the matters that involve skateboarding and those who ride skateboards.

Last night, Josh, Neal and I headed over to Cream City for the real “Old Dude Night”. On our way there we stopped for food at McDonald’s which I think may have been the reason for my lack of ambition and energy. It was still a good time for me (Josh is “over it” or so he claims), and I love seeing all those dudes and listening to Josh’s playlists while I skate.

I filmed a few tricks with the little point and shoot and also got a few pictures. Let’s take a look.

I think the nice weather brings out the happiness in people. You can tell by the faces of Neal (left) and Rock (right), that winter isn’t quite here yet.

I know this one dude and he loves beer. So much in fact, that he feels compelled to shotgun tall boys, then wallride his ballz off.

Uncle Will was also out there ripping between games of ping pong with Julian. Here’s my pick for trick of the night (only because I love the bank to curb and also because Will is one of the best dudes ever). Don’t get me wrong, alot of rad stuff went down (Stemper was killing it, as was The Captian), but I just like this move in particular.

Again, thanks to those two guys that make every Wednesday something for me to look forward to. Brian and Bill, this one’s for you guys.