Jaleel White Provocatively Dancing to a Kon Kan Song

Wow, I can’t believe the Carn actually graced us with his presence. I think his last appearance was sometime last December. Anyway, if you’re into wacky music make sure to check out his “podcast“. I feel like such an asshole just for even typing that word out. Is it worse than “blog”? Maybe. Regardless, he’s the creator/editor of the Beez series of videos, so you know things are going to get super wonky.

Last night it seemed like everyone had a great time at (the real) Old Dude Night except for me. It seemed like nothing would go right for me. I was all set up to take some photos to put up on the site, and lo and behold, the battery for my flash was dead. So scratch that idea. Then I had some skateboarding / anger control problems and focused my board. (Bill never gets mad at his skateboard, but he focused two ping pong paddles last night.) On the way home Molly also puked on the armrest in my car. What an adventure! The Captain and Stemper were killing it, like usual, all night though. Kickflip frontside noseslide to fakie on the Bulgaria bank/ledge? Wicked!

Tim keeps saying we need to try to get our hands on a copy of the new Tony Hawk game for the house. He even sent me a text about it today while I was at work. I guess he’s just a huge fan of Bam, Rasta Baby, and Lyn Z Adams. I did walk into his room last night and catch him red handed sipping a Seagram’s watermelon margarita wine cooler, so I guess that might explain everything. I went to bed right after I caught him, and I was hoping to be woken up in the middle of the night with him blaring a HIM cd and knocking shit off all the shelves. Turns out he only drank one of the two left in the fridge, so he didn’t get quite wasted enough. Bummer.

Here’s the second installment of photos that have been submitted. If you have any quality skate photos, are from Wisconsin, and would like to see them on the site, send them here.

First off is another photo from Dane. This is one of those spots that you see when you’re driving past and you’re all like “damn” and super excited to skate it. Then when you actually skate it and see that there’s holes all over the thing and the tranny is as steep as a 1988 launch ramp and it makes you really sad in your pants. Props on getting a good photo out of the spot though. Not an easy task. Dave Kiehl pivots to fakie.

The other day Tim put up a photo of TJ bluntsliding the bench over the grate coming from the side where you have about 20 feet of run up. Today we have Mike Enriquez doing a frontside nosegrind coming from the same no-ride-up side of the bench.

Come back tomorrow for more.

Photo of the day #39

This photo looks pretty stupid when shrunk down to web size, but it’s pretty radical otherwise…uh…I swear. Lake Michigan, fog, boats, grainy half frame photo = so moody!