It Must Be Fun To Drive Right Now.

It’s been a couple of days. Not much has happened, but we have been skating alot these past few days. The inevitable winter is closing in, which seems to get people really motivated to get out there and seize the day. Yesterday, Le Garcon, Ben, Josh and myself went out for a few hours and had quite the time. Ben and Mike are always good at sparking off a session. Ben threw down and did some gnarly shit at a certain spot that someone (thanks, whoever you are) built a cement tranny up to a steep bank. That spot is fun, but don’t ask me where it is. I wont tell.

Last night, my lady friend and I went to see Jackass 2. It was worth the 8 bucks. I was laughing the whole time and Josh was totally right about Bam’s gear. Eyeliner and fingerless gloves. He even cried twice in the movie and that alone made it worth my time and money. I recommend it to anyone with any sort of sense of humor (although my girl was covering her eyes quite a bit). Someone should have died.

C3PO has a golden boner.

Photo of the Millenium #3

It’s a pretty shitty scan, but this is Jason Lee doing a backside ollie on the ramp in his backyard, circa 1990. You can say what you want about him being a scientologist, or naming his kid Pilot Inspektor, or even that one movie, but Jason Lee will always one of the best to ever step on a skateboard. For proof you can find a copy of Blind’s “Video Days”, but since you wont you can click here. As you can see, he also ripped vert. He is back on the scene these days with Chris Pastras doing Stereo, and also doing some TV show I have never seen. Earl. But you know what? I will always remember him as the dirty, singing, sideburn sporting skateboarder he was born to be.