Why Pick On Me, Baby?

I love Tim’s claims that there’s nothing happening and there’s nothing to write about, yet yesterday somehow I based one of my longest updates ever on my 401k plan and Sheriff John Bunnell (retired). Just like the age old Beez credo: “You can Beez anything”, one can update about anything. Someone email me two subjects, and I’ll base tomorrow’s update on it. Will it be good? Absolutely not. Although, I guess if no one emails me, I’ll just make something up and pretend like I was e-buried in e-requests for wacky writing subjects, because that would just be e-embarrassing otherwise.

Mr. Twister, I liked your narrative in photos but I had to edit your haphazard layout job a little bit. Is it weird for me to be conveying you this message on the front page of a website? Does it matter? Either way, I’m hoping your next story in photos takes us a little closer to your natural habitat: out on the lakes castin’ em out and reelin’ em in. Nothing beats a solid lunker story in photos.

Back to Twister’s photos though, Bauman’s nollie 180 was a make. The footage is in this clip I made a few months ago.

Tim already mentioned the skate mission from last night to…what should we call that spot? Beez bank pt. 2? That spot was in Beez 1 quite a bit. Whatever, in the last couple of weeks someone added some concrete tranny to the bottom of the super harsh bank (is it still a bank when it’s 75 degrees steep?), and a kind-of-fun-fuck-around-spot was turned into a real life spot that a sane person would actually want to skate. Ben got pretty wicked on it, and some weird hippies watched and yelled encouragements. After the footy was secured, we skated a bank to wall, and Ben made a brand new dragonfly buddy. In fact, after hanging out in Ben’s mouth for a minute, he put the dragonfly on his shoulder, said “Hey buddy, wanna do a wallride??” and rode that damn wall with the dragonfly on his shoulder. Ben definitely has a way with the animals.

Two paragraphs about skating in one update? Old Dude Night. Tonight. Cream City. Be there. I’m going to tweak the playlist a little bit beforehand too. Get some of the bummers out of there and add some new ones to build the hype level. If I’m ever going to get that pre-grab backside 360 I’m definitely going to need to be hyped. Or drunk. Ok, fine, both.

I wonder if I’m the only person in the world that couldn’t get to sleep because the credits song from Zapped was stuck in my head. Here i am, take a look at me. I’m high as a kite and I’m twice as free!!! Like a dream that was meant to be, this time, it’s mine!

Photo of the day #8

Wow, a photo that isn’t eight years old. I took this a few weeks ago when we were out shredding some super random stuff. We were going through a field to get from stupid spot a to retarded spot b, and this go kart was just sitting there, waiting for us to hang out with it. What kind of people would we be if we didn’t oblige?