It Was Hot and I Was Hungry.

I dont have much to talk about today. After Wednesday nights, the rest of my week usually drags. Saturday can be fun sometimes, but from what I heard about the weather, it’s going to suck.

I guess I will spend my time (and yours) ranting about meaningless crap that no one really cares about anyway.

Meaningless crap. Like dreams. I hate when people tell me about their dreams. Its fucking annoying. I dont want or need a window into other peoples’ psyches. So, if you’re like me and hate it too, skip this next paragraph.

I like Nike. I like their shoes and the image. They do a great job. I know alot of people have problems with the labor issues and all that crap, but I just dont care. You could find something wrong with every major corporate conglomerate. No one is exempt. So when youre bitching about Nike, put down that Coke and those Doritos. Take off your New Era cap and dont light up that Camel cigarette. Hypocrite. Oh, about my dream. Sorry. Well, I was in what I thought to be the Willy Wonka factory. On a tour of sorts. And Im not talking about movie shit, it was like real life Willy Wonka candy. Anyway, I was on this tour and there was this conveyor belt that lead to a basement. I could see all these little feet scuttling around and they were all wearing Nikes. Of course I was intrigued, so I had to figure out how to get down there. Somehow I ended up on the conveyor headed to the basement. I made it down alive and saw thousands of infants feverishly working on shoes. Nikes. I was amazed but not disturbed. There were a few older Spanish fellows down there too. One of them approached me and told me I had to get out of there – stat. So he showed me how to escape but I got lost. The whole time I kept getting text messages but didn’t have time to read them because I was too worried about getting out of there. I came across a lounge/waiting room area and went behind some large plants to check my phone. All of the texts were similar and mostly said “you need to get the fuck out of there”. While I was reading those messages I was surrounded by men in suits and realized it was the end of the road for me. They pulled me out and looked at my feet and just laughed. I was wearing Nikes. That’s all I remember. Oh and after that, (and I don’t know if it was related) I remember throwing a kitten into a toilet. It may have been a completely different dream. Either way, it was great. So if you have any idea what that all means, keep it to yourself. I dont want to know.

What a godsend. The dishwasher is pretty sweet, too. Louise models with our new best friend. Now if we can just figure out how to get it to actually get our dishes clean…..