It’s Like Throwing a Hot Dog Down a Hallway.

Just wanted to check in and make sure everyone is doing well and having a great summer. I don’t have much to tell you, besides that I have been working a lot and not skating enough. I did get to go over there to the Cream City skate park last night after a little street skating which included me smashing Josh’s GL-1, rendering it useless and me feeling like a total asshole (I’ve never broken someones camera before). Skating was fun though at least, and I need to get out there more often.

My old buddy Neal came into town this week and was out skating with us last night too. It’s always great to have him around and it gives me someone to play skate with that might be able to do the ancient tricks I like to do. For the record, I beat him two games to one. Here’s your consolation prize, old chum.

Eat like snake.

Hey, this Thursday is “Go Skateboard” day or something like that, so go do it at Cream City, where you can also eat grilled foods and watch the new Element video. It will be a fun time for sure. I heard Uncle Will has a special treat lined up for you guys.

Later nerds.