It’s The Freakin’ Weekend

On Saturday the 11th, we had a premiere for three new Milwaukee skateboarding videos at Sky High Skateshop. ¬†The videos were as follows: “I’m Not High, I’m Just Stupid”, “Outworld”, and “Various Mortals”. ¬†Beers were had, sour neon worms were eaten, party was made.

The pre-party show down happened at Estabrook DIY.

Later at the shop, the festivities began.

Men of the hour. Gabe made “Various Mortals, Chase made “Outworld”.

Max, Max, and Harald.

Vince and Mikey cheers the festivities.

A feast of several varieties of wine, cookies, and sour neon worms was provided.

Sleepy, Stoops, and Popo.

Russ, Bshart, and the Captain.

Lugz and the burnt one.

Yeah Mike Bahr, Burt.

An artist and his muse.

Macguyver prepares to open a wine.

Life Hack – you just need vice grips and a deck screw!


Watch, take notes, learn.

A proud Life-Hacker.

Mike, Hank, Pizzy look on with admiration.

I’m Not High, I’m Just Stupid, illustrated.

The aftermath:

Max – you are burnt.

Harald was able to manage a hurricane for the fans.

An excellent weekend. It is always great to see the community come together and break sour neon worms together. We’re all in this together!

Of course, as always, the biggest thanks goes to Aaron at Sky High, love all around. Jah bless.

Commemorative T-shirts available in the shop!