Jaleel White On The Ropes?

First off, there is another skate jam tomorrow at Fritsche Middle School located in Bayview. It should be up and going around 2pm, so come thrash it like a champ. I’m hoping to make another skate jam video clip to go along with it, so bring your of age sisters along to flash their boobs.

Next, we recieved this news from John McGuire:
“Zero skateboards proudly releases the first “Jon Allie” pro model, and should be available in shops “S.T.A.T”. That’s fancy talk for “quick fast hurry”. Jon started his handrail chomping frenzy on the mean streets of West Bend, WI and then went and handled business around the world. The Allie pro model was strategically released in a moment of marketing brilliance to coincide with the release of “Grind” the movie. Both film and deck assure to deliver the goods. One boasts a sassy concave, and cutting edge graphics, the other “cutting edge gen x-treme humor” and maybe the slight possibilty of boobs. Noted the Allie board does not guarantee or promise the viewing of boobs. But what it does promise is what critics are calling…”the must thrash deck of the summer****”. So get off your stupid dumb fat computer and shred like you got a pair.”

Jon’s Graphic

Finally, whoever is the first to submit a review of “Grind” the movie will recieve a prize, which is yet to be determind, but will no doubt be of amazing and inspiring value. *disclaimer: your review cannot suck balls.