The Heat Is On!

Today I have another skate jam video clip for you. I made sure to use the most inspiring song to get you SO stoked and get you outside, skating. I doubt I could have made this earth shattering choice, without reviews section legend, TesticleMutiny. So hand all thanks his way.

The Heat Is ON!

Since the heat is now on , I should mention that if you happen to accidently focus your putter when playing mini golf, make sure to send your girlfriend back inside to get you a new club because she accidently dropped hers and it just broke! I’m sure this happens to towering 5′ 3″ girls all the time, because the two 16 year old dudes in there didn’t second guess her for a second.

This is probably one of the first reviews of the new Habitat video. This was also a good review of the new Logic video. Basically lots of people have been writing reviews, but they havn’t been so good. Make sure to check out the ones that have been accepted before you write reviews to get an idea of what I want. It also helps to know what you’re talking about, but just slightly.