Jaleel White’s Sensitive Underpants

I think I usually have a pretty good policy of having awesome weekends, but I’m sorry to report that this last one kind of really sucked. At least the going out part of it. I know I claimed it before, but I think now it’s really safe to say that “over it” can be said of both the Friday and the Saturday night spots. Turns out good ‘ol Steve Green is going to be in town with JTK next weekend though, so does that mean giving it one more go, just for the sake of the dudes? I think it does. I hope we can make it an epic going away forever visit instead of just letting it fizzle out. Or maybe we’ll just sit at my house and drink Sparks, Seagrams (for Tim), Red Bull (for Steve), Absinthe (for Cru), Pabst (for the working man), and play Karaoke Revolution until Uncle John puts his foot down and gives everyone the boot.

If it’s the bar choice, I hope it ends up looking a little something like this:

Or Karaoke:

I call Cru for my Under Pressure duet partner.

Back to the weekend, the skating componant was also pretty weak. Saturday we got a little sesh in there, and even footage including an A+ genius team-up move by Tim and Neal. It was great outside yesterday, but the furthest my skateboard got away from the house was the street in front.

You might now be thinking, ok, where are the usual wacky weekend photos? Probably not. But if you were thinking that, I’m sorry to say that I somehow took exactly zero. That’s not exactly true, I suppose, but nothing worth showing here. I’ve been pretty into using my super 8 camera for once though, so maybe that can be my excuse. I’ve been super 8ing when I’d usually be taking photos. Cool?

I hear there’s something new to skate at Cream City. Bill told me it was a street spine with a bowl on top of it. I can’t quite imagine what that would look like, but needless to say, come Wednesday the old dudes will be skating it. If it’s too gnarly, we’ll just be looking at it, complaining about our knees, and not skating it. Either way, everyone wins!

I bet you couldn’t tell that I really had nothing to write about at all today. Or the last few updates, to be exact. Maybe someone should email me video links or tell me a stupid story or something. I need a little inspiration over here, help out!

Photo of the day #36

Milwaukee forever, bros.