“Jeremy DeGlopper is My Tom Penny” – J. Ellis

Halloween can either be extremely awesome or can totally just take a shit. I haven’t been hyped on halloween in quite some time. Probably since the year that Tim Kulas came to my apartment when I was living in Madison with costumes for the both of us. They consisted of neon day-glow track suits with matching helmets and rollerblades. Since then I just haven’t been in the spirit. Don’t know what it is. Although, today we spotted a crew of people scattered about this neighborhood that we were skating in. They were roaming around and getting wasted at about 5pm. I was hyped on that. Here’s a picture of Josh with one of the happy halloweeners we consorted with.

That guy was Irish as hell and loving every minute of it. His companion (who was dressed up as Steve Irwin) jumped on Josh’s board and got somewhat wicked. She then claimed to have been pulled behind motorcycles in the past. I dont know about that. Anyway, those two made my day. One other factor in making today a good one was the return of my oldest friend; Neal Shah. This is the kid that got me hyped on skating about 20 years ago and who himself still rips to this day. Here is a picture of him at a new spot we discovered today.

A proper backside smith on a rusty, unwaxed loading dock. We skated a couple of spots before that one, and The Captain just so happened to kill this one spot that I thought got shut down last week. Here he is with a gnarly frontside tailslide on a harsh handbuilt tranny to steep wall.

Here’s another angle so you can get the idea of how far he is sliding (Josh is standing in front of the transition) and so Josh can get some filming props.

Speaking of Josh, he wasnt really feeling it today, but still managed to pull out a few moves like this hurricane on a Pizza Hut delivery car sign.

Just a side note; the Pizza Hut sign has magnets on the bottom to stick to the top of a car, but it worked really good on the metal loading dock, too.

Of course, thanks to my animal update, you already know who this is. Greatest dog ever wearing the greatest helmet ever. Thanks Chloe.