Gork Out

Tim’s updates keep getting better and better. So many epic photos. He really did get all the goods this weekend too, I was too busy filming and missed out on all the photo action. I do have plenty of bar/costume/ass pictures, which I’m sure you’ll have the pleasure(?) of seeing sometime soon. Otherwise regarding the weekend, there was plenty of skating fun, new skate spots, huge crews (the new black), and going to parties and bars and not even coming close to getting drunk. It’s not Halloween quite yet though, so I suppose there’s still time for this fantastic holiday to turn out great and not just ok. I doubt it will come through though.

I usually try to cover the topic of which horror movie you should try to watch every year around this time, so here’s a couple really quick:

The Pit: A young, possibly autistic, and definitely perverted boy’s parents go away for the summer and leave him with a nanny. It all starts off relatively innocent with sneaking some boobie peeks and just generally being creepy, and gradually becomes outright gnarly sexual harassment. Intertwined in this mess is the boy constantly being picked on by the neighborhood cronies, a talking teddy bear, and a secret pit in the woods. Obviously the boy is going to have to get revenge, and that’s where the bulk of the movie lies. There’s some unintentional hilariousness, but not too much, and the movie is actually pretty creepy due to the behavior of the boy. I’m going to give this one 8/10. Bonus: filmed in Beaver Dam, Wisconsin!

Friday the 13th part 4: Everyone is familiar with the series, but this one gets my pick as the best of the litter. I’m not sure if I’ve seen them all, but it doesn’t matter, I’m still giving it my pick for these two reasons alone: starring Corey Feldman and Crispin Glover. If that’s not reason enough, you have manure for brains. Other reasons include: a ridiculous amount of 80’s tits, Corey’s memorable head shaving scene, and last but not least, the best dance scene ever shown in a movie, hands down. I’ll also give this one 8/10.

Today’s lunch break skate video was Lordz – They Don’t Give A Fuck About Us from a few years ago. As with most other Euro videos, the skating speaks for itself, and the skaters don’t rely on a bullshit image for popularity. It’s always refreshing to have everything boiled down to the raw skating, and not some fake costume (not naming names). My favorite part would definitely have to be Alex Carolino’s. I would give anything to be able to skate like him, super clean, pop for days. You know the drill, view it here.

Photo of the day #31

I suppose I should use up these mask photos before Halloween is over.