Judy Garland Doesn’t Use Tampons

Looks like Tim already covered any and all breaking news concerning Bratgate Day 4. I’m kind of disappointed, what could I ever even talk about? Well this is a skateboarding website, how about we try that for once.

I broke two boards in a 24 hour period skating a small gap. It’s funny when kids think breaking skateboards means you’re a radical skateboarder, because a board breaks because of bad skateboarding not over the top thrashing. It’s also funny when kids claim that so and so brand of skateboard sucks because “Oh I broke that in 3 days!!!”. No, it didn’t break because it sucks, it broke because you landed on it wrong, dumbass. And that brings us back full circle to me, yes, I am a dumbass that sucks at skateboarding.

New videos? Actually a new one did finally crop up. A new Digital video, of which its name escapes me right now. It’s pretty good, but what kind of disappoints me is that it seems pretty serious for a Digital video. They usually have goofy songs and funny footage, but none of that this time around. Lutzka has a good ten tricks in there too, it’s nice to see new stuff of him out there. Jayme Fortune has a really good part in there, so it’s worth checking out, I guess.