Hurry Boy, it’s Waiting There For You!!

Bratgate Day 8: If you’ve payed any attention to the moblog this past weekend, you may have noticed that the brat fever has violently spread. Sunday night at my house the first ever Brat Extravaganza occurred. Many wiskate luminaries were in attendance, and the case of brats bought for the occasion was left in total ruin. Not a brat left standing. Could things get any wilder? I’d wager not.

Also featured on the moblog is Tim’s bratwurst bike. I wasn’t aware that they made bikes for fans of this sort of sausage, but the brat fever shouldn’t stop there. Tim also requires beanie babies, an “F. Dick” sausage stuffer, a sausage finger illusion, and of course, a bratwurst sampler!!! Make Christmas come early for this brat fan!