Judy Garland Doesn’t Use Tampons

Post #720!

We still need to get our hands on one of these machines for the Horny House. If anyone has a line on one, let us know. The game even features Beez, it’s almost as if it is a video game representation of my life. If I liked to slalom more, and if the game featured more sitting on the couch watching Discovery Channel. Then it would be perfect.

This news story makes me really proud to be from Wisconsin. We don’t just have the Hodag anymore! I think this is what they call branching out.

I suppose you really shouldn’t be expecting an update from Tim today, he’s still in art zone. In this art zone of his often lurks the most unsavory resident of the horny house:

Dug aka Gary aka the Fat Horny Gay Rapist. Dug rapes my friendly, shy, little Mr. Spooky like thirty times a day. Two things I’ve learned from tv: 1 – rape isn’t about sex, it’s about power. 2- If someone is horny they should take a cold shower to calm down. So every time Gary is caught raping sweet sweet Mr. Spooky, he gets a cold shower. Tim claims he’s trying to reform him, but can a sociopath ever really be reformed??

Wednesday, tonight, (the real) Old Dude Night @ Cream City. Not only is there the new manual contraption to shred on, but there’s also a brand new rail to ollie impossible to 5-0 just like Marcus Wyndham would. “You may not know him now, but you will someday.”

Wisconsin skateboarders and photographers, send your radical skate photos here.

Branching out, just like I said. Corey Peterson emailed me a ton of really good Madison based photos today. This one really caught my eye right away, and Tim says this trick is insane so I decided to run with this one first. Norris gaps out to backside 5-0 on a pole on the Madison Campus (I think).

Damn, that’s one hell of a no comply frontside wallie. I have a photo of Tim doing one over a wolf, maybe we should have a no comply frontside wallie face off.

Photo of the day #43

Oh, did I just mention Lorenzo the wolf? I think I did. Second time this week Pizzy is getting down on his skateboard with some sort of animal or another. Coincidence? I think not. He’s just that rad.