The Loop

Ok… so the cats over at The Plat put up a link for Line Rider. It pretty much rules. The link said to try to make a loop. I have successfully done so. I’m pretty much the coolest. If you get into it and you click on the little disk icon and put in “Deutsch” and press load you should be able to see it. YES!

Photos… hmmm… what should we post today?

How about a little Northwood asian action. I believe this is Boun Xiong. Could be Seng, I forget. Some one correct me by email .

Oh… and here is some break-up art. Multi exposure shot through a 1945 Kodak Pony. I think I ran the film through the camera 5 times. I love old cameras.

Lots more Junk up over at this site. . Send me your Line Rider loops too!