Keep The Car Running.

So this very well may be the first update I have ever done while intoxicated. So be it.

So we’re totally in the Skateboard Mag! Good lookin’ out Munzy! I love you, man.

Any of you remember the Triumvirate? Yeah I know it’s old news since Sam pulled the plug on Dudes With Tudes, but I still feel the power from time to time. One of those times was this weekend when I finally got to meet Sam in person. Such a handsome fellow with a mighty good backside flip. Plus dude loves him some Gary. Can’t hate on that for even a minute. Come back soon, brother.

Just want to mention that Jeff Chase is in town and ripping. That’s all. Go see him at the Cream City.

Hey BEEZ III is done! I know the park has a copy and so do we, but other than that, you’re out of luck. I think it will be for sale soon. We will keep you informed as things happen. And like Josh, I will now post a teaser picture for you.

It’s Gabe in costume. Costume for what you ask? You just wait and see.

Fuckin’ Gary.