Do you think she really does all the stuff she says? I mean, who could make up ‘That stuff tastes like Clorox.’?

What is this? A links page? How horribly and beautifully 1996! I think I got everyone related to and/or friends with the sphere of fantastical friendship, but you better check to see if you made it on there. If you’re awesome, and we love you, yet somehow you were forgotten, email us to let us know and you’ll be added so quick like.

Onto more yawn inducing and serious matters. The Nike debate posted yesterday: It’s so overdone and unneeded. Really, who even gives a shit? Not only does Nike make skate shoes, but so does Reebok and Adidas. Gonz used to skate in Jordans. Vans is a publicly owned company and is traded on the stock market. You can buy Lakais at the mall now. My point being, there is no “little guy” in the skate shoe game that you can give your money and feel warm in your little heart because you did the right thing. It’s almost offensive that this is even an issue to anyone. So much energy spent on such an insignificant and impossible to change topic. And that is the last we will speak of it.

Sam gave a great Cream City shout out over at his internet diary. So here’s a shout out to your shout out…high five! Anyway, some rad photos from the mini ramp. The only thing missing is a photo of Gary. Sam, email your address and I’ll send you another copy of Beez 3, stat.

Now onto beezy things…Beez 3 pictures!

One of these tricks made the video and one didn’t. Can you guess which? Is this like when you’ve seen half the tricks in a video in magazines already? I hope not, because man, I hate that. Not looking at skateboarding magazines anymore helps that problem though. Did I just tell you to not look at wiskate anymore??

Now onto Gary things…Gary pictures!

What a jerk! How about we take a look at what beautiful nice felines should look like??