Klax Cabal


How did I even get dragged into this? Tim told me yesterday he’s going to do this post every hour crap again, so I check the site out at 9am and he’s talking all this crap about Top Model pretending like he knows what he’s talking about. If you know me, you can be sure that nothing gets me more riled up than presenting inaccurate information about ANTM. So I post, backing up my girl and think to myself, wow, wouldn’t it be great if I did this every hour too? Yeah, really awesome.

So I’ll end this with a review of my dog. She is a yellow labrador retriever, mixed with something else. We like to think that maybe it’s a border collie. Either way, she’s not really that smart. You know, that “duh” look that some dogs always have on their faces? She totally has that. But she is also the nicest dog, and won’t even eat my food if I leave it in the room with her and go downstairs and get a soda or something. I think the most powerful plus about her though is that she has a white heart on her head. It’s like Jesus or Old Man Winter himself touched her with a magic wand and said “You’ll be a hound of love”, and love she does. She loves everyone, from Mr. Spooky my cat, to that one stinky kid that no one likes at all. Her love is universal. Except for that time in the dog park when another dog tried to hump her. She growled at him in anger. That kind of love isn’t just for the taking! One time she must of had to pee really bad, because she peed a trail throughout the entire house. Down the stairs and everything. How can you be angry at a dog that just made a 60 foot long piss trail? Impossible! In conclusion, I have the best dog ever. Thank you.

Remember when I mentioned before getting that new Lord of the Rings: Return of the King extended version? Do you even realize what it’s like watching a movie for four hours? That’s one hell of a commitment. I made it though, and I must of seen at least like 100,000 orcs slain. Lots of homoerotic moments between Hobbits too. It’s totally worth it. It’s fully cheaper than skate videos, and also has way less handrails and Modest Mouse songs. I’d suggest you ask for this for Santa’s Birthday instead of getting feeble on a rail champ vol. 6 (featuring extra seagull footage). Wait, you should buy the Northern Atheltik video though. But only that one. Tim is in it.