It’s early. The starter on our car decided to suck balls, so I have to take her in to the shop in a minute. Before I go, I want to take a minute to talk about something that has me all backed up.

I was looking at videos that kids posted on this site called Skate Perception. It’s a site where people can go and talk about filming or skateboarding or whatever. I watched a couple and happened to notice something. Kids can’t push or turn. I am not sure if it’s because their trucks are too tight or because they never bothered to learn, but it’s really ugly and annoying. I hate seeing kids push around, let’s say, a plaza type setting where there are benches or anywhere they might have to make a 90 degree turn. It’s alot of little tic-tacs and scooty caveman pushes. It almost looks as bad as a pair of ill fitting jeans flying down a rail. Almost.
My point is, for the sake of the people that you want to watch you skate, loosen your trucks. It will take you like a half hour to get used to and make a world of difference. And learn to push. Don’t half ass that shit. If you’re going to push, push hard or push one of these.