labor movement: nyc xmas parties number 4

my work holiday party was last night what a hoot that was DJ ENVY played the finest in top 40 hip hop, at which one point, prompted a drunken hip hop conga line. man was i siked!….oh and that girl next to me,thats the companys lawyer. the other day she made me sign some paperwork about the company suing me if i leave to go work for related companies. she went to school in madison and visits milwaukee twice a year. apparently she really, and i mean really loves milwaukee – she even sang me a song about sausage and beer. gotta love an open bar party.

onto other fabulous news. today marked the first day of NYC’s transit strike – as most of you know or not know – not a whole lotta people drive or have cars – infact 7 million people (thats like 7 milwaukees) depend upon the subway to move around this tiny ass island everyday. so by now you are wondering “well steve, did you walk,skate, bike to work?”. no my friends, a generous good semaritan was driving around the lower east side picking people up and driving them to work (for a 15$ fee, 10$ if i call him back for a ride home)….cars! dont take them for granted. and no josh, the coyote ugly shuttle bus was not running this morning.