Links for today…

First off, there’s a new video clip up at Crailtap featuring footage from Girl’s recent tour in Great Britian.

Next we have the required ebay link. But this is no normal item, this is a horn from THE UNICORN OF THE SEA. This may be going out on a limb here, but I think this creature may have to usurp the manatee as my favorite sea creature. A veritable coup d’etat of the oceanic ruler of my heart!

I guess I can also admit that I was asking for too much when I said I wanted that $100,000 Japanese video game collection for my birthday off of ebay the other day, so I guess I’ll just ask for this for my birthday instead. It costs more than one hundred times less, and would take up way less room in my house to boot! I can’t even believe how classy this painting is. Don’t let me down!

I guess since we’re on the ‘corn tip, I’ll also point out that we’ve been on the unicorn steez here on wiskate waaaay longer than those mythical beast posers over there at Crailtap. Case in point: constant talk of the greatness of unicorns, but then tons of pictures of pegasii. HELLO….HUGE DIFFERENCE!!!! I’m calling those busters out!