Live From Troll Mountain

We started one morning out early on top of Troll Mountain. Quite a repository of transition and fat lady pornography.

Tim was doing long smith grinds on the zone with regular coping. The amount of lube applied to the coping was staggering.

Then frontside rocks on the pool coping part.

A find in the wild.

This is John’s cat NOVA. She might look a bit like Gary, but she’s a much more acceptable feline. Way less illegal behavior. Her brother PIZZA moved in soon after our visit.


One of my favorite spots of the journey. Just a long, smooth, downhill ditch. Danny with an ollie over the hip.

Joe does a frontside pivot on the log.

John was sure he could kick over Danny’s head. One of the cockiest people I’ve ever met concerning their self assessed skill at high kicks. He kicked Danny in the head. Later Danny put a dent in the wall of his house, also with his dome.

Another beaut, live from Dock 2.

After the shred we returned to John’s for a brat party.

Most definitely the most brats I’ve ever cooked all at the very same moment in time.

Good thing Stemper had won an elegant loaf of sour dough from Joe by being the first to do a switch nose manual fakie flip out. We had forgotten to buy buns.

A final Keno’s adventure to properly say goodbye.