Gorf Off a Bluff

During the week the dudes were at work, so one day Tim and I rode bikes to the pier. Skateboarding tourists, if you will. Tim was very excited because near the pier was the site where Natas executed the very first handrail boardslide to ever be done in the history of the universe.

Also nearby was a house they used in the movie Top Gun. I’ve seen that movie more times than I care to think about, my Dad used to watch it almost everyday. I must admit that I can’t remember where or in what context the house appears in the movie, but apparently it’s Charlie’s house and the venue of the infamous “Take My Breath Away” love scene. That surely was embarrassing when that would come on when I was watching it with pops. Way too horn.

The Pelicans reminded me of slippers.

Later we skated a bit.

One of my flashes decided to stop working, so this is the lighting Allah decided I was allowed to use for Stemper’s wallie.

Danny again, with a pretty gnar nosepick. I’m not sure the picture shows how tall this thing really is. Plus he had to skate across a busy street and ollie up the curb to hit it. He also did a nosemanual out of the nosepick. Sick!

The adventure shall continue..