Loaves of fun!!!

I paid a visit to the new Brookfield public park this weekend. I know none of you were really expecting much, as with any other public park project, and I guess you got what you expected. The typical six inch high handrails at 45 degree angle options. I don’t know what’s so hard about actually consulting someone who knows something about skating before a city sinks tens of thousands of dollars into a skatepark, but as everyone knows, it just doesn’t seem to happen.

It gets high grades on the dork around options. Slappy grinds galore. This might make it actually worth it for you to check out. Plus the mini ramp/bowl/spine contraption came out pretty well. But otherwise, if you live very far away at all, don’t bother.

Plus, why is it that Brookfield is the only city around here that there is actually kids that still rollerblade? They were there with literally loaves of wax applying six inch coats too all coping and ledges. Sweet.