Mad Chewbacca

First off, Adio Demo at Cream City Skatepark this upcoming Monday. June 11th. Don’t forget, supposedly the line up is: Steve Nesser, Chris Roberts, Kenny Anderson, Danny Montoya, Ed Selego, Nick Dompierre, Ernie Torres, Anthony Schultz, and Chris Troy. No Bam makes me very ='(.

Now that we have something which people might actually care about out of the way, let’s continue with photos of my friends in bars! Saturday night, Lord Cru’s FINAL, FINAL, FINAL going away party:

We sort of assembled the possible Riverwest bmx gang. Too bad out of the five bmx bikes we have at the house, only two are ride able right now. On the left Gabe rides his vintage Dyno Compe that he had since he was a young lad. He said it felt great to be hanging out with his old friend again. Pizzy rode my super gay Diamondback Silverstreak with lavender mags. I don’t think he minded though, he’s so manly that he just owned it and made it his own. That’s the way, Pizz!

What followed may have possibly been one of the drunkest, hottest, most fun nights in the history of this planet. I’m not sure if anyone left that place without having beer spit on them, which is how it should always be! Above Trikki models how well my vision was working during the night.

The posse! Everyone who matters, pretty much. Except somehow Chewbacca didn’t make it into this photo. He was there with us, though. Anyway, we love you Cru! May your adventure be a horny one!

After we were all done being the biggest, funnest, drunkest assholes ever at the bar, apparently the act was to be taken to the streets. Danny totally skidded out on the way back home and decided it would be a great idea to piss in the middle of the street with his pants down to his ankles. An amazing portrait of class. He apparently later ate a barely cooked frozen pizza on my porch after I went to sleep. As he was doing this, he texted his friend “Do you know what it’s like to eat a whole pizza in such a small house!?”. Obviously brunch was fantastic after a night like that.

After the brunch fun we tried out a little skating fun. Things weren’t going so good. Witnessing how Stemper’s skating fell off from Friday to Sunday was a solid indicator of how damn great the entire weekend was. Pat was the relatively sober one though, and I suppose that explains why he could actually skate on Sunday: Pat Forster – Backside Lipslide up the corner.

I wonder if Cru is having another going away party tonight?