What? You’ve Never Seen Willow?

Few and far between. That seems to be my new updating style and it’s about as useless as doing 100 sit-ups then drinking a 2 liter of Coke. 1000 apologies.

Josh has been on my case because he knows that I am sitting on a bunch of pictures that just may be worth viewing by you nerds.

Let’s begin.

On our trip to hell (northern Illinois) a couple weeks ago, we stopped at the oasis for some treats and to let Molly stretch out her legs. Here Josh, Lord Cru and Molly pose for a photo at the McDonald’s drive through.

After arriving home from hell (northern Illinois), Lord Cru had a really hard time deciding on a shirt to don for his fake farewell gathering at that one bar. He opted for the one on the right which, in my opinion, was a terrible choice. How could you refuse Chewy?

This photo sums up the night of James’ real farewell get-together for me. Plus, I think it’s my favorite picture I have ever taken. But where’s happy Chewbacca? Only Kelly and a lucky bar patron really know. Thanks a lot, Kelly.

The day after was kind of lame and nothing happened besides yelling really funny stuff at pedestrians. I think this ollie that Stemper did was the only thing anyone did all day that was worth a photo or filming.

Wait, I was kidding. Gabe did a switch front crooked to fakie and Pat did a switch crooked on this stupid flat bar I spotted from the car. I took me twenty minutes to 50-50 it and I got really mad. James focused his board and so did Pat and then we called it a day.

That’s it for photos. Sorry if that didn’t do it for you, but that’s all I got.

For you kids that actually care about real life skating and dudes that aren’t old and boring, go check MKESkate. And also make sure to go to Cream City’s site too, because there are a bunch of events coming up for you to partake in.

Later nerds.