Manatee Massacre

I was bored, so here is two new video clips. Ben Vance, Kickflip Nosemanual at Congo, and Bill Kaschner doing a line also at Congo. Molly, Neitszche, Mr. Spooky, Proffessor Elliott J. Bristlecomb, and Valente liked them both very much. They also hope you will.

I also saw the new Foundation video “That’s Life”. A lot of what you’d expect, but Justin Strubing’s part was pretty awesome. Same with Daniel Shimizu and Mike Rusczyk. Other stuff was decent, but kind of forgetable, and some of it sucked major balls. It’s pretty much worth buying even just for Strubings part though. So check it. Oh, the dvd bonus footy section is more than half an hour long, so don’t worry about getting your moneys worth.